How to choose conveyor roller

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Choosing the right type of a roller depends on several properties that are defined by its use case. Below, we will summarize the main properties you should consider when choosing and using a roller.  

Noise and vibration 

The noise produced when transporting material comes from several factors:

  1. Connection between roller and the frame - stable connection between the roller and the frame reduces possibility of vibrations.
  2. Material used - steel rollers produce stronger vibrations than rubber rollers which absorb the vibrations.
  3. Manufacturing errors - if the rotating device and center of rotation do not coincide after the manufacturing process, strong vibrations can be created. Such vibration can severely damage the roller in the long term.


Depending on the transported material, you might be deciding about the amount of friction needed. For fragile materials, you might be considering rollers with higher adhesion, such as rubber rollers. For more durable and heavy material you might be considering steel rollers. 

Moreover, high friction is important for conveyor rollers that are used as driving rollers powered by electric motors. The better friction, the more effective the conveyor will be and the less electric might be needed for powering the conveyor.

Redistributing weight

The service life of a roller can be affected by many properties. One of key properties is the weight of the carried load. When building the conveyor, you should decide well about the spacing of the rollers. Usually, the weight of the load should be distributed among three neighboring rollers. Not just on a single one. 

Clean environment

Additionally, service life of a roller can be greatly influenced by the environment where it is used. Spaces with lots of dust or spaces with lots if moisture can lead to faster destruction of the roller. Therefore, some types of rollers can be more suitable for a specific environment. When dealing with such a risky environment, you should perform regular inspections of the industrial spaces. 

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