Roller production lines for sale

At KSK Belt, we have developed a semi-automatic roller production line over the last several years.

This unique kind of technology is for sale now!

Roller production lines being offered

We are offering two kinds of technology for sale:

  • Big production line - for producing standard rollers used in mining in diameter 89mm - 194mm), length 380mm - 1600mm.
  • Small production line - for producing atypical rollers

Roller production line for standard rollers

The diameter of rollers produced is between 89mm - 194mm, length 380mm - 1600mm. You can find the final products here.

Videos of the big roller production line:

- Cleaning of the pipes

- Bringing rollers in

- Moving rollers between stations

- Putting housing

- Welding roller

- Completing roller

Roller production line for atypical rollers

The production line for atypical rollers looks the almost the same as the line for standard rollers. However, the rollers are not moved between stations automatically and have to be manipulated manually.

The atypical rollers can be found here.

Contact as As Soon As Possible

The production line is currently being offered to multiple companies so please do not hesitate and let us know as soon as possible in case of interest.