Rubber mats for cows

Rubber mats sprinkled with straw are used as one of the suitable surfaces ensuring the comfort of cows in lying boxes. Rubber mattresses are suitable for several reasons, which we mention below.

Soft surface

Cows can lie down for up to 14 hours a day. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee their comfort at rest. At the same time, the softness of the surface means better conditions for the health of the lower limbs. The ideal soft surface should also provide a warm lying environment during the winter months.

Anti-slip surface

The reason for anti-slip flooring is to prevent injuries to cattle. The cow will get up in the lying box, or lie down, several times a day (up to 20 times) and it is necessary to pay attention to the increased risk of injury.

Easy maintenance

The cow's bed area should be kept clean and dry. The reason is the possible multiplication of bacteria. If it is possible to minimize the occurrence of bacteria, then it is necessary to wash the lying boxes regularly. Rubber mattresses are ideal in this respect due to their easy wash-ability and minimal water infiltration into the mattress.

Rubber mattresses for cows - size

The width of lying boxes ranges from 120 cm. Smaller cows can have box widths of 120 cm. Mattress boxes should be at least 125 cm wide.

The length of the box with the mattress should be at least 240 cm to 250 cm. The size of the rubber mattress is then determined according to the size of the lying box.

Choosing the right rubber mattress for cows

KSK Belt offers a several options of rubber mattresses for cows. These are the following rubber floors: