Rubber flooring Diamond top

You can use Karo flooring in manufacturing facilities or in workrooms with machines. Moreover, they can be used for trailers, tractors, cattle or horse transporters, stables, cowsheds or pig farms.

Bottom side - smooth profile.

Use case

Typical rubber flooring used for:

  • The factory buildings, workshops machinery equipment
  • Trailers, transporters of horses and cattle
  • Into stables, barns, piggeries, kennels for dogs
  • Ice arenas (benches, locker rooms, corridors, etc.)

Technical parameters

Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length Weight (kg)
roll 7 1200 30-60m 9,80 /m²
roll 10 1200 30-60m 14 /m²
desk 15 1200 1800 mm 45,40 /pce

Dimensions could be adjusted to the wishes of the customers up to width 1200mm and lenght 50m (special shapes – horse transporters etc. – will be cutted exactly following the drawing on the pneumatic oscilating knife. Machine cut perfectly every shapes up to dimensions – 15x1200x6000mm).

If you cannot find desired dimensions, please contact us. We are able to offer also other or atypical dimensions.

Physical properties

Tensile-Strength (MPa) min. 5
Elongation (%) min. 170
Hardness (Sh°A) 65±5
Weight (g/cm3) 1,39±0,03

Technical terms of acceptance

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