Bílovská zemědělská a.s. – Rubber mattresses in the cow milking parlor in Bílov

KSK Belt supplied floor coverings to Bílovska zemědělská, which focuses on agricultural and livestock production.

Bílovská zemědělská a.s. is an agricultural company located in the district of Plzeň-sever. It is engaged in animal production, i.e. breeding of dairy Holstein cattle and grazing of cows without market milk production, and plant production - the crops are wheat, winter barley, rye, oats, corn, peas, alfalfa and rape.

In 2020, we delivered rubber mattresses with a hammer surface to one part of the milking parlor. Originally, there was plastic floor from company Replast, which was already at the end of its useful life and did not meet the needs of the employees and the cows. The rubber mattresses are laid in a strip with holes cut out for the rods that separate the pieces and are bolted to the floor. The advantage of this type of laying is the elimination of joints between individual pieces of rubber and thus there is no clogging with dirt.