Do you need a system for slowing ramps next to pedestrian crossings? Explore our road retarders.

Use case

  • The deceleration raids at crosswalks
  • Road nodes
  • Islands for boarding passengers
  • Special design of these elements is created based on long-term research and fulfill the requirements of not only the safety during the instalation of individual products, but also for safe crossing and elimination of shocks in terms of users - ie road users.
  • The supporting frame and the strength of the product warrants metallic element that is molded into the rubber products. This can be in black or red.
  • The recommended speed when crossing this barrier is 30 km / h. Element is fixed to the base plate with 4 special screws.

Technical parameters

Type Dimensions (mm) Color
BKE (corners) 850 x 850 x 60 Black, red
BKI (middle) 600 x 600 x 60 Black, red
BKA (ramp) 850 x 600 x 60 Black, red

Physical properties

Technical terms of acceptance

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