Right surface for playgrounds and outdoor gyms

Every teacher, coach and doctor will tell you that spending time on fresh air is necessary for the health of kids, youth and seniors. Together with the rising trend of working out, especially when home office is spreading and sitting jobs are very common, it is very important to correctly equip playgrounds and outdoor gyms (outdoor workouts). Besides choosing the right equipment (machines, swings, climbing frames, etc.) you should be thinking about the surface of such places.

The right properties for playground and gym surfaces

If you are thinking about what surface to choose for outdoor playgrounds and outdoor gyms then you should be thinking mainly about the following properties:

  • Soft surface
  • Safety
  • Low maintenance and long lifetime
  • Isolation
  • Easy installation

Advantages of soft surface

There are multiple advantages of a soft surface on playgrounds and outdoor gyms. If we are talking about playgrounds then of course you could avoid many bruises and crying kids thanks to a soft surface.

From the point of view of an athlete, a soft surface can soften impact and take the strain off joints. Also it softens the impact when putting down workout equipment and thus decreases the damage of dumbbells and other tools. Moreover, the soft surface decreases noise level which can be advantage if you are building a playground or gym in quiet neighborhood.


Besides the practical advantages of soft surfaces you should take into account also safety measurements. Before building a playground you should find out what safety regulations apply in your country or district when building playgrounds or gyms. Oftentimes there are some safety requirements if there is a risk of free fall from 60 centimetres or a metre. We highly recommend exploring those safety regulations.

Also, a big advantage is if the surface is anti-slippery which is an advantage during autumn times when it rains a lot.

Low maintenance and long lifetime

The final surface should be easy to rinse, especially if the playground is close to grass and can be quickly covered with mud. After rinsing, the surface should let the water through and should quickly dry out.

Another obstacle with grass is that is should not be able to grow through the surface.

Heat isolation

Good heat isolation is handy when:

  • Playing games while sitting with kids
  • Stretching on the ground
  • Compensation workouts with foam cylinders, etc.

Easy installation

Of course you want the surface to be easy to install. Ideally, you cut just put it on the subjacent surface or you could easily stick it onto it.

How can KSK Belt help

We recommend to have a look at our rubber desks which comply with all the properties mentioned above.