How to successfully transport a horse

How to successfully transport a horse

Transporting horses can be a complex problem. Mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. The horse has to voluntarily walk into the trailer
  2. Entering and exiting the trailer has to be safe
  3. Transportation has to be comfortable

Training horse to enter the trailer

The first step for horse towards successfully entering the trailer is a continuous training. Horses are usually trained for walking in narrow corridors and also for longer stay in narrow and closed spaces. For more information about preparing the horses for transportation, we advise to contact personnel with rich horse training experience.  

Safe entrance ramp

When entering the trailer, the horse has to trust the surface of the entrance ramp. Unstable and slippery surface could make the horse nervous and could lead to distrust which is difficult to eliminate. Moreover, a possible fall or slide of the horse could lead to leg fracture. Such injury could be fatal for the horse. A broken leg may not be possible to heal fully and the horse would not be usable for rides anymore. Additionally, medical treatment can cost tens of thousands czech crowns.

Comfortable transportation

The comfort of your horse during transportation highly correlates with the horse's will to enter the trailer. From the point of view of material, rubber is softer than aluminium or wood flooring. Your horse would have a better relationship towards the trailer and you will not have to think about procedures for persuading the horse to enter the trailer.

How can KSK Belt help?

For easier entrance of the trailer, KSK Belt can offer rubber stair mats which can be manufactured for ramps of different dimensions. The main advantage of our stair mats are crosspiece which make it easier to walk on the ramp and eliminate the possibility of slippage. Additionally, we enable printing of your logo in the stair mats so that the stair mat looks representative when unloading horses on race and other events. 

For more comfortable transportation, we offer rubber floorings which provide your horses silk-like experience.