Guide: Installation of rubber flooring

Installing rubber flooring with partner company

You can try to find a company that performs installation of rubber flooring in your region and you can order them our rubber.

Installing rubber flooring by yourself

In case you want to install rubber flooring by yourself, we have a few ideas:

  • The rubber carpet itself is quite heavy, so sometimes you just can lay the rubber loosely
  • If you want to have a rubber floor as stable as possible, stick the rubber to the concrete base with chemoprene on the rubber.
  • The last option is to laminate the rubber floor on the sides and screw it in (long screws or chemical anchors. Hammer-in dowels are not suitable - cattle can kick them out).

For a highly stable floor, we recommend gluing rubber carpet with chemoprene. It is also possible to silicone the rubber floor on the sides so that it does not leak under it.