Choosing the right flooring for hockey stadium

When deciding about the best flooring for your hockey stadium, there are several properties you should be thinking about. At KSK Belt, we are thinking mainly about the following three factors:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Ease of maintenance

Safety of the flooring

The first and most important is safety. The probability of slipping on a wet surface becomes a day-to-day problem in hockey stadiums. Especially since hockey stadiums are a popular destination for kids, mainly small ones, whose motoric capabilities are still evolving. Therefore, the probability of slipping on a wet surface is a key problem to solve. You know how some kids can be active and hot-headed.

Besides the safety of kids you should be also caring about the health of athletes using your facility. Any injury caused by slipping can result in inconsistent performance and affect the attendance of sports events.

As mentioned above, the chosen material should be anti-slippery, have as few protrusions as possible and be water resistant.

Comfort in the hockey stadiums

There are many things that can put you into discomfort in hockey stadiums. Cold, humidity or trying to balance on narrow blades. 

Using the right rubber material can help you isolate the concrete used for the foundations whose thermal conductivity is already very low. Especially when you have ice that is cooling it all around the stadium. Covering the concrete with rubber will isolate it and create a pleasant environment for putting on the blades.

Another bonus is that athletes will be able to leave the ice rink without the need of taking off the blades and they would be able to reach the changing rooms in the blades. Using the rubber will lead into low damage of the blades and you will reduce the need to sharpen them.

Easy maintenance

Ice quickly melts into water, people walk in and out in dirty shoes and the players or kids spill their drinks or snacks. All of those are reasons why you should be looking for an easy to rinse material. And again, rubber is the right choice.

Moreover, when looking at it from the installation point of view, you will desire a flooring that needs as little manual labor and time for laying it down. Unfolding a rubber roll can be a perfect fit instead of using the rubber tiles with locks.

How can KSK Belt help

At KSK Belt, we focus on manufacturing high-quality rubber materials. Check out our rubber floorings for sports facilities offering and contact us for more help.