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Cutting machine - FLASH CUT

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Cutting machine - FLASH CUT

  • Carving with Pneumatic oscillating knife, max dimensions of the table is 6000x2600mm.
  • Integratedprogrammingsoftware
  • Otherrecognized formatsdrawings – AUTOCAD
  • Possibility to createAutoCADdrawingsofyour pattern


  • Carving - cutting the rubber materials until thickness 15mm.
  • It´s also possible to carve from those materials (testedup to the5mm of thickness,in thecase of interest incuttingthicker layersit is necessary totest):
    • silicone
    • graphite
    • Plast
    • Paper
    • Rubbercork
    • Leather
    • Foam
    • Feltor otherporousmaterials


Following the customers needs we carve sealings and also other types of products after request.