Specialists in rubber production

Technical rubber


  • Technical rubber serves as the abrasion element or sidewall of conveyor belts. It is supplied in the form of belts or desks.
  • As a flooring at the ice ring
  • As a sealing or impact element
  • Absorb vibrations
  • For very stressed floors
  • It is supplied in the form of rolls or boards. We cut particular widths and lengths on request.


Basic dimensions


Thickness (mm)Basic width (mm)Max. lenght (m)
6800, 1550100
8800, 1550100
10800, 1550100
12800, 155050
15800, 155050
20800, 155050

Could be cutted to a belts with width from 50 to 1550mm and lenght up to 50 - 100m.


Physical – mechanical properties

Tensile-Strength (Mpa)min. 5min. 5
Elongation (%)min. 170min. 300
Hardness (Sh°A)65±545±5
Specific weight (g/cm3)1,39+/-0,03/1,39+/-0,03