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Impact bars


This product is applied in impact beds, which provide maximal support for the belt at the point of material impact on the conveyor belt, thereby minimizing damage to the conveyor belt.

The technical rubber on impact bars is certified as a fireproof rubber for underground service by the testing laboratory in Radvanice. We manufacture rubber and other rubber products used in the underground (discs, rings, etc.).

Application: Mounted on impact beds, or as spare parts.

Parameters: IMPACT BARS - marking IMF - RF 1235

  • Non-flammable mixture
  • Polyethylene Polystone M - Flametech


Lenght (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Colours
123510075Black, black - white


Fyzical - mechanical properties:


Rubber65 ± 5 Shore
CoverHigh moleculat polyethylen
Steel profile75 x 24mm