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Smooth conveyor belts

We offer a smooth conveyor belts. Conveyor belts are according to CSN 26 0378 and DIN 22 102. Quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certificate. To each roll is given the certificate of quality. All belts are covered by a standard warranty of 24 months.

Conveyor belts are available in different structures according to customer requirements. Normally, we provide advice, service and other services. We provide belt bonding by vulcanization. Wide range of the conveyor belts in stock.





max. 3150 N/mm

Amount of inserts:

max. 5 inserts + breaker

Width - covered edges:

400 - 2000 mm

Width - cutted edges:

100 - 1800 mm


standard 100m, 200 m


After agreement is possibleto supplybeltsin otherlengths.