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FCB Conveyor belt

FCB belt is designed to transport loose materials with small lumps, it means to transport sand, ash, gravel, etc. The core of the belt is made ​​up of steel cord inserts, cover layers are made of abrasive resistant rubber. At the edges are vulcanized rubber lines for the guiding ropes. 

Width of the belt (b)Total width (M)Distance between centers of the leading line (J)
700794 mm737 mm
850959 mm902 mm


Conveyor belts FCB are wound on wooden drum with sideboards to bound the belt width. The wheel is pulled by steel band on 2-3 places  according to belt width. Under the splice of the steel cords are inserted rubber pads, to the cover the conveyor belt from demages during transport.

     Caoutchouc foil "AA" w = 4 mm
         * W = 762 mm
         * W = 927 mm
     Caoutchouc foil with 6 mm
     Lateral lines - a mixture of "AA"


CompoundBasic physical and mechanical properties
Hardness ShAStrenght MpaTensibility %Density g / cm3

The compression %

1) Caoutchouc foil „AA“;
s = 4 mm
60 +/- 518min. 4001,12max. 25
3) Caoutchouc foil;
s= 6 mm
68 +/- 55 až 7min. 1701,39max. 40
2) Fleximatad. 2a) BF 4 x 0,6 / 0,8 MF / 3,5 / 762
ad. 2b) BF 4 x 0,71 / 0,8 MF / 4 / 927

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